recollections of mostly unplanned travel

Tales of a Driftwood is not a travelogue. It does not tell you How to Get There, Where to Stay and When to Go. Instead it simply dwells on the innumerable joys of travelling, especially when it is unplanned. The journeys in this book cover more than 20 states in India and the neighbouring countries of Bhutan, Malaysia and Africa. It has stories of man-animal coexistence and man-animal conflict in Nature, as also stories of history and stories of anthropology. The language of the book is simple and lucid, as it is written by a generalist and not a specialist. And the sole purpose of the book is to encourage people to travel and explore the wonders of the world. The author Gangadharan Menon is a writer-cum-photographer and his writings have been widely published in India's leading newspapers like The Hindu, The Times of India, Hindustan Times, DNA, Mid-day, Hornbill and

Article No. Article Title:
1 the golden temple of jejuri
2 bhutan: land of happiness
3 a tale of two sanctuaries
4 the painting is on the wall
5 three shades of green
6 a birdsong for salim ali
7 history, live!
8 borneo: as old as the hills
9 a patchwork of green
10 the unknown backwaters
11 where past is present
12 the last piece of a jigsaw
13 the welcome shores
14 rainspotting
15 ripples in the sand
16 the deserted beauty
17 the temple town sanctuary
18 a tent with a view
19 living with the other half
20 the hill station inside a fort
21 tanzania’s circle of life
22 cottage with a forest
23 blue sky and blue waters
24 three forts and a coral reef
25 lonavala rewind
26 on the blackbuck trail
27 call of the sea
28 the missing hill station
29 a green dream
30 a leap of faith
31 the holy mess
32 till the bisons come home
33 malaysia, once upon a time
34 urban wildlife
35 the breathing stones
36 big cat diary